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Start the New Year off Right By Getting Your Estate Planning In Order

No one wants to think about the day when they are no longer around to take care of their family. It is equally overwhelming to try and put a plan in place for things that may never happen — I refer to them as life’s many “what-ifs.” But delaying a conversation as meaningful as estate planning will only cause additional stress for the loved ones you leave behind.

Just think about what might happen if you die without a last will and testament.

What about if you end up in a coma from a car accident and can no longer make healthcare decisions for yourself?

What about your child with special needs? Who will care for them and the rest of your minor children?

Will your grieving family know exactly what you would have wanted in those unfortunate situations? Likely not. Will they have the authority to step in and make decisions for you, take guardianship of your children, or divide assets to the appropriate beneficiaries? No, they won’t. They’ll inevitably lose control of what happens next and have to deal with the pressures of probate.

This post isn’t meant to scare you. But then again, life’s what-ifs can be pretty scary — especially when you don’t have a plan.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the legal act of putting your affairs in order to ensure your wishes are carried out, your family is protected, and wealth, wisdom, and assets are passed on as efficiently as possible after you die or become incapacitated. You could create your own estate planning documents, but having an estate planning attorney in Denton, Texas, who can help you look at the big picture and guarantee that your plan always works in your favor is critically important.

Just a few of the documents we offer include:

• Wills

• Trusts

• Power of Attorney (medical, financial, durable, etc.)

• Declarations of guardianship

• Burial directives

• Advanced healthcare directives

• Medical authorizations

• Special needs trusts

• Deeds for real property

Without appropriate planning to account for all of life’s what-ifs, there is no guarantee that any of the decisions above will be made the way you would have wanted or by the person you would choose.

New Year — New Estate Planning Strategy

Turning the page to 2023 allows you to control what happens next and start the new year on the right foot. Just imagine enjoying the entire year and every year to follow knowing the following:

• You’ve protected yourself and your family

• You have a detailed list of instructions set aside

• Even if the what-ifs you planned for don’t happen, you still have a plan

• Your legacy and wealth can be passed on

• Peace of mind

From simple wills to complicated trusts, probate, guardianship, and more, we put a plan in place that is flexible and best suited for your specific needs — now and well into the future.

Call Caitlyn Ashley Law Today!!

Having a plan for the future and protections in place for your loved ones is the most important gift you can give yourself and your family. Granted, none of us will ever know for sure what is around every corner in life. And just thinking about the what-ifs — what if I were to die or become incapacitated tomorrow; what if my child with special needs has no one to care for her; what if all my “stuff” isn’t passed onto the right people — can be overwhelming. But having a plan that accounts for your family’s unique circumstances, puts your affairs in order, has concrete solutions to your concerns, lays out your wishes and goals, and protects your family’s future provides peace of mind for the road ahead.

Caitlyn Ashley Law in Denton, Texas, will counsel you on which documents best suit your needs and ensure they are flexible enough to meet your changing needs for years to come.

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