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12 Reasons Why I Love Being an Estate Planning Attorney

There is no job I’d rather have than to be an estate planning and probate attorney. And in my hometown of Denton, Texas, too! As you may have read on our website and library of blog posts, I chose this profession because I’ve always been passionate about helping people protect themselves and their families from all of life’s what-ifs. I’m also uniquely qualified in those matters because I, too, have grieved unimaginable loss.

I know what it’s like to pour over a loved one’s Will after they’ve passed on and try to make sense of legal loose ends. I’ve seen what can happen when those instructions aren’t there, and you’re unsure where to turn next for guidance.

Estate planning attorneys are there to use our expertise and compassion to make that process easier. And the satisfaction I get when clients leave my office feeling a sense of peace about the future is something I’ll cherish forever.

There are a million more reasons why I love being an estate planning attorney. For the sake of brevity, here are 12 more:

1. My work makes an impactful difference in people’s lives

2. I get to give practical and sound advice during emotional times

3. I can help solve problems before they become too big

4. I have the ability to turn negatives into solutions

5. I enjoy the never-ending journey of becoming a better estate planning attorney

6. I can educate clients and give them tools that will help them down the road

7. Knowing that I can help clients account for what-ifs

8. Getting to know my clients’ life stories and building life-long relationships

9. Being that independent and trusted adviser and shoulder to lean on

10. My work makes the tough decisions easier

11. Estate planning fills an important need in my community

12. I feel fulfilled when I leave the office each day

Call Caitlyn Ashley Law Today!!

Having a plan for the future is the most important gift you can give yourself and your family. Granted, none of us will ever know what is around every corner in life. And just thinking about the what-ifs — what if I were to die or become incapacitated tomorrow; what if my child with special needs has no one to care for her; what if all my “stuff” isn’t passed onto the right people — can be overwhelming. But having a plan that accounts for your family’s unique circumstances, puts your affairs in order, has concrete solutions to your concerns, lays out your wishes and goals, and protects your family’s future provides peace of mind for the road ahead.

Caitlyn Ashley Law in Denton, Texas, will counsel you on which documents are best suited for your needs and ensure they are flexible enough to meet your changing needs for years to come.

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